Question: Why Is Vodafone Idea In Loss?

Why is Vodafone making losses?

Telecom firm Vodafone Idea on Thursday reported a record loss of Rs 50,921 crore for the September quarter, as it made a provision for the Supreme Court’s ruling on payment of average gross revenue (AGR) dues, even as ongoing brutal pricing war continued to hurt..

Is Vodafone closing in India?

A fresh report from Bloomberg states that the India venture of Vodafone is in a perilous state. The report hints that the company may shut down its India operations unless the Indian government gives some relaxation to the company on demands for mobile spectrum fees.

Is Vodafone idea a good buy?

Vodafone Idea advanced nearly 35 per cent intraday on Friday after the news reports. However, it pared gains to end nearly 13 per cent higher after the clarification on the media reports. “In the telecom space, investors should go with the stronger player which is Bharti Airtel.

What is the future of Vodafone idea?

To bridge the gap, Vodafone Idea will have to infuse fresh capital or implement hefty tariff hikes. Its annual cash requirement needs a 32% rise in realizations or average revenue per user over the next six-nine months, according to Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd.

Is it good time to buy Vodafone Idea shares?

The 35-79 per cent correction in Voda Idea stock over 3-12 months is pricing in a pessimistic scenario. With likely lower AGR dues, potential government relief, return of growth, and the telecom company’s focus on top markets, risks are overdone in the brokerage view.

Who will take over Vodafone idea?

However, the merged entity continues using both the Idea and Vodafone brand. Currently, the Vodafone Group holds a 45.1% stake in the combined entity, the Aditya Birla Group holds 26% and the remaining shares will be held by the public….Vodafone Idea.TypePublicTotal equity₹596,348 million (US$8.4 billion) (2019)18 more rows

How do I fix my Vodafone network problem?

Try these troubleshooting steps:Check that your device has mobile data switched on.Make sure your APN settings are set up correctly.If you’re in a regional coverage area and using an Android or Windows Phone, switch on data roaming.

What is wrong with Vodafone idea?

Vodafone Idea finds itself in this unenviable position after losing a 14-year legal battle in the Supreme Court in October last year against the department of telecommunications (DoT) over the definition of adjusted gross revenue (AGR) and regulatory payments linked to it.

Is Vodafone idea shutting down?

Cash-strapped Vodafone Idea, which faces balance AGR dues of Rs 53,500 crore more as per DoT’s estimates, has said it will shut down its operations if its bank guarantees are invoked or if it doesn’t get relief on its AGR dues. Shares of Vodafone Idea closed at Rs 3.66, up by 6.09%, on the BSE on Tuesday.

Why is idea going down?

Vodafone Idea lost maximum 3.6 crore wireless subscribers in November which led to its stock falling up to 39.30% to Rs 3.66 against previous close of Rs 6.03 on BSE. There were only sellers, no buyers for the Vodafone Idea stock in early trade. … The large cap stock has gained 5% in the last two days.

Is Vodafone shutting down in India?

Is Vodafone or Idea closing down? No. Vodafone and Idea are joining forces to become Vodafone Idea Limited- India’s Largest Telecom Company! If you’re a Vodafone or an Idea customer, we remain committed to providing you with the best experience every day, and your services will continue as normal.