Quick Answer: What Can I Bring Into Russia?

What should I bring to Russia?

It is important to bring clothing relative to the climate and activities of your tour.

If you are travelling to Russia in winter, warm insulated clothes and waterproof footwear are integral.

You will also need good quality gloves, a thick scarf and thermal layers to wear..

Do you tip taxi drivers in Russia?

In Russia, taxi drivers rarely get tips because many customers have switched to ordering and paying for taxis through mobile apps, and they might not have any cash on them. If you don’t use taxi apps and prefer to pay in cash, a tip of 5-10% would go down well with the driver.

Can I use my Visa debit card in Russia?

Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in Russia. Discover cards are not commonly used. You should be able to withdraw cash at an ATM run by Citibank or Russia Standard bank, but merchants usually do not allow payments using the Discover card. … Visa, Plus, and Plus Alliance ATM locator.

What food can I bring into Russia?

In general, you can carry up to five kilos of animal and plant-based products per person. These include not only fruits, vegetables, cheese and sausages, but also nuts and berries. Sanctioned products can also be brought into the country for personal use.

Does iMessage work in Russia?

Even though iMessage is encrypted, Apple does say it complies with local laws, so it is possible your iMessage messages could be intercepted by Russian wiretaps.

How much spending money will I need for a week in Russia?

Past travelers have spent, on average, ₽842 ($12) on meals for one day and ₽227 ($3.26) on local transportation. Also, the average hotel price in Russia for a couple is ₽3,913 ($56). So, a trip to Russia for two people for one week costs on average ₽48,842 ($700).

Can you wear jeans in Russia?

Jeans, and denim in general, are very popular in Russia – while the girls pictured with me are teenagers, they’re wearing very typical outfits seen across the country. Throw on a pair of jeans with a t-shirt and you’ll be good to go.

What can you not bring into Russia?

According to Russian Customs, it is forbidden to enter, transit or leave Russia with the following items:Explosives and potent poisons.Narcotic and psychotropic substances, and devices for their use.Works of art and antiques, objects of significant artistic, historic or cultural value.More items…•

How much cash can you bring into Russia?

You can legally import any amount of cash into Russia;but you must declare an amount in excess of $3,000. You can legally take out of Russia only 3000 dollars in cash. If you have more, the remaining amount must be accompanied by a special certificate of a Russian bank called “Permission to export currency”.

Is it safe to use my cell phone in Russia?

Mobile Phones GSM networks operate in nearly all Russia cities, so mobile phone use across the entire country is generally quite okay. International roaming works fine in most Russian cities, but may come at a high price.

Which mobile network is best in Russia?

MegaFonMegaFon (МегаФон) MegaFon (mostly owned by russian USM Holding and Gazprombank) is one of three biggest Russian mobile operators. Many users consider MegaFon the best network in Russia for its nationwide coverage and high internet speed.

What plug adapter do I need for Russia?

For Russia there are two associated plug types, C and F. Plug type C is the plug which has two round pins and plug type F is the plug which has two round pins, with two earth clips on the side. Russia operates on a 220V supply voltage and 50Hz.

What adapter do you need for Russia?

Russia uses 2 round European outlets (see the image). You can easily find an adapter at an electronics store or pharmacy in the US or online. Russia uses 220-volt electricity (America uses 110 volts). Most electrical devices support both.

Can you use your phone in Russia?

You will need your passport and Russian visa (if required) to buy a SIM card. … Make sure your phone is unlocked by your operator to use with other SIM cards (if not, get a cheap Android smartphone);

Is it safe to use WIFI in Russia?

The advice applies to Russian borders, as well. For most people, that means ditching your laptop. … And it’s more tempting to use public Wi-Fi with your laptop, which gets to the second-most important piece of advice: Don’t use public Wi-Fi.

Which is the best month to visit Russia?

Tip: the best time to visit St. Petersburg weather-wise is late spring – early June. This is the season when the weather is the most convenient for long hours of sightseeing.

What does a beer cost in Russia?

Today, the minimum price for a bottle of vodka in Russia is 220 rubles ($5.5). Beer can be found for as low as 30-40 rubles ($0.7-$1) a bottle. But counterfeit vodka can cost as little as 100 rubles ($2.5) per half-liter.

What is the best currency to take to Russia?

The best currency to take to Russia is either the US dollar or the Euro.