Quick Answer: What Is The Phrasal Verb Of Give?

What is the phrasal verb of came?

Phrasal Verbs with COMEPhrasal VerbMeaningCome acrossAppear or seem; make an impression.Come alongAccompany someone; go somewhere with someone.Come alongTell someone to hurry.Come alongArrive, appear.17 more rows.

What does to give in mean?

Definition of give in. transitive verb. : deliver, submit gave in his resignation. intransitive verb. : to yield under insistence or entreaty : surrender.

Will give over meaning?

Meaning of give over in English to stop doing something, usually something annoying: Oh (do) give over (= stop complaining), it’s not my fault!

What do you call a person who is giving?

A philanthropist is a person who gives money or gifts to charities, or helps needy people in other ways. … A philanthropist practices philanthropy.

What is the phrasal verb of rejected?

turn downThe phrasal verb of ‘rejected’ is ‘turn down’.

What is an issue?

a point in question or a matter that is in dispute, as between contending parties in an action at law. a point, matter, or dispute, the decision of which is of special or public importance: the political issues. … a point at which a matter is ready for decision: to bring a case to an issue.

What is it called when someone tells you to do something?

dictate. verb. to tell someone exactly what to do and how to behave.

What is another word for giving information?

What is another word for give information?clueinforminstructeducateupdateclue inlet in onenlightentraincoach60 more rows

What is the phrasal verb of resembles?

Take after (someone) = to resemble (someone) in appearance or habit. (transitive – inseparable) This phrasal verb is used when you want to say that someone looks like (or resembles) an older member of the family, usually their mother or father.

What is the meaning of phrasal verb put up with?

put up with. phrasal verb. If you put up with something, you tolerate or accept it, even though you find it unpleasant or unsatisfactory.

What is the phrasal verb of give out?

give out. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgive out phrasal verb1 give something ↔ out to give something to each person in a group SYN hand out Can you give the drinks out, please? give something ↔ out to Students were giving out leaflets to everyone on the street.

What is the phrasal verb of tolerate?

Option C: The word ‘tolerate’ means ‘to endure something that may be offending or annoying’. ‘Put up with’ means ‘willing to accept someone/something that is not desirable’. As you can see, the phrasal verb ‘put up with’ means the same as ‘tolerate’.

What give out means?

intransitive verb. 1 : break down, fail. 2 : to become exhausted : collapse. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about give out.

How do you inform someone about something?

1to tell someone about something, especially in an official way inform somebody (of/about something) Please inform us of any changes of address.The leaflet informs customers about healthy eating.He went to inform them of his decision.Inform me at once if there are any changes in her condition.More items…